Monday, October 26, 2015

Maryam's Cafe

Had dinner with another mom who was craving some adult conversation, while the kids are occupied.  Thru some moms group, we heard about Maryam's Cafe in the Heights and peaked her interest. 
I ordered the lemonade, didn't realized it looks like my Happy Hour drink.  No, no alcohol, because that part of Heights is dry.  Plus, it's not that type of place.  But does look very much like an alcohol beverage, doesn't it?
This is their Kid's meal.  Sorry, didn't realized it was upside down.  All kid's meals are $5.99, but look at how much food that is.  It was Turkey & Cheese and it came with chips, carrots, banana, and pineapples.  Talk about food for growing kids.  
For mine, I had Tuna Salad with gluten free bread.  As a matter of fact, all of the sandwiches, they can make gluten free, just let them know when you order.  As you can see, it came with a small side salad, pita chips and potato chips.  Tons of food.
Then comes the main attraction: the kid's area.  If you're familiar with the Heights, Maryam on 19th is occupying the space where Cricket's used to be.  Instead of the back party room which can host a big table for about 8, they knock that down and opened up the space for the owner's daughter.  To keep her occupied, she brought in toys and what nots.  So, it's really her daughter's play room.  Once customers realized there's a kid's area, it was a welcoming sight.  We heard that at first the owner's daughter was a tad apprehensive with people playing with her toys.  Now that she've grown accustomed to it, she is inviting other kids to play with her too.

That was good idea.  Despite the price for the sandwiches was a tad hard to swallow, it did provide entertainment for the kids and the adults were able to have a decent conversation.  The front is decorated elegantly, which was nothing mismatch like Cricket's was.  I wouldn't mind hosting a shower at the front room, with their pastry and coffee selection which are much more attractive than the entree's menu.  Kids had fun, we ate, we chatted and all went home happy.  I'd chalk that up as a success.

Maryam's Cafe
315 W. 19th Street
Houston, TX 77008

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High Style said...

I attended a few company events here and I must say that I was impressed every time. The place was aesthetically pleasing with very good decorations and seats. The San Francisco event venues had a great layout overall, and was at a comfortable temperature.