Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Went for a last minute dinner with Julia.
We picked Izakaya,
but interesting menu.
Here's the Soon to be Famous 'Midori' Special - ingredients are melon, sake, gin, milk, citrus.  That said, I don't know what kine of melon, as the name imply, I was hoping for Midori the liquor, but as you can see, there's nothing green here.  Nor do I see any milk here.  It does taste very citrusy and there's enough gin and sake in the drink though. 
From the grill, yakitori shio, grilled mushroom.  Not too much seasoning, pretty good start.
Sorry for the sideway picture, but this is donburi of the day, which is the curry rice.  It tasted pretty good, quite delicious.  I wish they have some potato in the mix, that's always my favorite part of the curry dish.
Here's the potato that I'm making up for it.  This is their take of chuckwagon fries.  The meat is lamb with sauce and cheese.  Sadly, the fries got soggy, after the first few bites, it was not as good as it looked... I kinda regret not getting the Izakaya Fries which was curry dip, that sounded better.
Hamachi Crudo, it has tomato powder, mushroom which I didn't seen any, little baby sardine.  Tasted pretty good.  I wouldn't mind getting it again.

This is chicken skin with lemon and salt.  It's pretty dang good.  This was a lucky mistake, because we didn't order that.
We ordered this: teriyaki chicken skin.  Which is also good, but the lemon and salt is much better.
This looked like marshmallow on a stick.  Turns out they are sweet corn.  There's nothing sweet about it, the corn itself may have been.  It is spicy.  It has Japanese mayo, spicy powder, and bonito flakes.
Beef Bulgogi Lettuce Wrap, the beef is pretty good.  Wrap or not, that doesn't really matter.  I would eat the bulgogi by itself, maybe wish that it's less soupy.  Otherwise, the marinate is spot on.

Overall, I think this place is good, the food is up to par for quality.  In terms of taste, however, it's a hit or miss depends on the dish.  But you wouldn't know that unless you try them all.  Plus the service was good, I wouldn't mind going back.

318 Gray St
Houston, TX 77002

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