Monday, July 8, 2013

Bernie's Burger Bus - Houston Food Park

When we first heard about the Houston Food Park, my friends and I can feel nothing but excitement.  It's about time!  Austin has this food trailer park down for many years.  They were so well organized and set up, that we hope the new inventors of Houston Food Park will follow suite. 
The trick is either follow your favorite food truck on Twitter, or follow Houston Food Park on Twitter and Facebook and find out which trucks will be there when.  Right now, everything is very primitive, trucks just park there, and you wander around.  We recommend you to bring your own lawn chair, but they do have couple of tents, few chairs, the nice touch was the misting, that was helpful with a little breeze.

Also, seems like the trucks cannot sell drinks because there was a 'booth/tent' that sells drinks.  They have beer, soda, bottled water, sports drinks, homemade lemonade, homemade watermelon drink, and couple other homemade stuff.  They seems to have the cornered the drinks for the entire park.  So, either bring your own, or be prepared to pay $2 for a bottled water.  Supplies and demand, kids.
So, finally got to check out Bernie's Burger Bus, been meaning to check them out for a while, either I'm not catching them at the right time, or I'm not hungry when I see them.  I will say that next time I see them, I'm getting their fries, they had a version that day that has bbq sauce with brisket on top... that just sounded awesome, but I really wanted a burger so onward!
I got the Study Hall, which has bbq sauce, pork belly, their signature burger patty, and onion.  I did it sans pickles and cheese, but those usually come with.  I love that the pork belly is falling apart good, the sauce is a great match with the burger patty.  Nothing too heavy where you just want to be rolled out afterwards, yet it's filling that I don't feel like I need to eat something extra.  I like their burger.  When I can, I'm definitely try their Substitue or their Homeschooler burgers.

Bernie's Burger Bus
They have 3 buses, should be easier to track
Follow them on their site or their Twitter

Houston Food Park

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