Monday, July 15, 2013


If you need a spot for brunch, I highly recommend BRC.    
They start at 10am on weekends, and I do recommend going early simply that they do get popular and seats do get filled up.
I got the gorilla brisket tacos.  It has brisket, scrambled eggs, chili con queso, avocado, and potato.  The salsa sauce is super awesome, I had to ask for more.  Their brisket is super awesome, I didn't even realize there's chili on there.  But like I said the sauce totally is a winner for me. 

Now, of course, if you ever want to have some carb, they are known for their Bad-Ass Biscuit with bacon jam, highly recommend it!  Isn't it nice to know that BRC isn't just a bar with good beer?  They got great breakfast too.

519 Shepherd Dr.
Houston, TX 77007

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