Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jenni's Noodles

Need another super quick bite, we headed to Jenni's Noodle House.  I got the lemongrass beef, it's very much like the b'un you get at any Vietnamese restaurants.  The bottom is lined with veggies, you get vermicelli, meat, and some nuts to add texture.  Of course, you should definitely top the dish with fish sauce and toss them altogether.  It definitely brings out flavors.  If you're not a fan of the fish sauce, start out small, don't douse the entire thing into your dish, try a little for taste then go from there.

Cool thing about JNH is that they have a Vegan menu, a Gluten Free menu.  Each location takes turn doing Kung Fu Movie night, some times they have fun little parties too, so go check out their schedule.  

Jenni's Noodle House
3111 Shepherd Dr.
Houston, TX

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