Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Texas Blizzard

So I've been seeing other food truck following Texas Blizzard.  Super curious, and as soon as I see them must have to give then a look see.
Menu is pretty low thrill, it is shaved ice with flavors to choose from.  They sell them small for $4 and large for $6.  Most days they are parked on Montrose & W. Gray, but otherwise, check their site or Twitter, they can be found at the Houston Food Park.  Trick here is that you cannot mix and match flavors.
This, my friend, is a small.  Yeah... small.  I've asked if they would make it smaller, but they insisted it's a Texas size that matter.... How nice, I just know I won't finish it.  This is their Tiger's Blood flavor, which is watermelon, berries, and a hint of coconut flavors.  They pride themselves of having sugar cane in their syrup and pure filtered water, which is more than we can say for any other shaved ice places.

They have natural flavors for extra $1, or you can get some toppings for extra $0.50.  The ice is nice and 'fresh', if you will.  Meaning, you know they shaved it right there, instead of shaved ahead of time and let sit, where the ice become dense and clumped.   And while that does look huge, I was relief to dig in and realized that the middle is hollow, so finishing is not so unachievable.  In this heat, I highly recommend it and get some refreshing relief.

Texas Blizzard
Check their site or follow them on Twitter for their schedule:


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