Monday, July 1, 2013

100% Taquito

For a quick bite, I ran to 100% Taquito.
They actually got a very interesting story, they started as a business course project, and they too started out as a food truck, and finally moved into a brick and mortar store, and doing quite well.
Everytime I come here, I must have the melon drink.  It's so refreshing on a hot day.  The chips and salsa is really me using as an excuse to get some of that warm salsa.  I can never finish this big o' dish of chips and salsa.  Best share with friends.
I always get the Taco al Pastor (which is pork).  It gets nice and yummy with some more sauces on the side, and you can mix and match sauces with your tacos.  You can choose either flour or corn tortilla, and they make it all in house.  So good....

Come on, it's great fun when there's a soccer game going, you see everyone having a great time with great food, it's quite a scene to witness.  Otherwise, they run Mexican MTV which is kinda interesting too...  If you can fit it in, you should definitely try their famous tres leche or their flan.  

100% Taquito
3245 Southwest Freeway
at Buffalo Speedway
Houston, TX

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