Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thai Bistro

So excited to go have Thai!
Haven't had Thai food for a while, definitely miss the usual, you know, Pad Thai, Curry, Sticky Rice...
I always appreciate that they always makes your table setting so fancy.
I have to have either a Thai Iced Tea or a Thai Iced Coffee.  How can you tell the difference?  Thai Iced Tea is more orange colored than Thai Iced Coffee.  Be careful because even if it's tea, it is made with black tea, which does have lots of caffeine.
I got the Masamun Curry, it's one of the milder ones, since I'm such a wimp, can't go hard core spice.  It has beef, potato, carrots, the curry sauce, coconut milk.  Note that there are peanut it this, if you're allergic beware.

Service is not bad, although they are training new people, so be a little patience.  The food is good that you won't be sorry.

Thai Bistro
3241 Southwest Fwy 
@ Buffalo Speedway
Houston, TX 

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