Thursday, June 27, 2013

RIver Oaks Donuts

My friend, Julia, went to River Oaks Donuts
I had to check them out... they are opened by a power couple who made their money in the oil and gas field and who doesn't like donuts?
Bad photos, you can't really tell the flavors, but their website didn't list them all, so totally not fair.  
One thing I was surprised at is that donut holes are charged individually instead of by the dozen.  They will have some cool filled donut holes, I will say.  I got the chocolate cappuccino flavor, and it is definitely yummy.

As for the donut, on their menu they have 'raised' donut, not knowing what it is, I was hoping to get it and give it a try.  But the girl heard me said chocolate glazed donut... instead of chocolate raised donut, so... ok.  I will say, these ain't no Shipley's where it's vanilla bottom dipped with chocolate on top.  The donut is chocolate flavor and have glaze on top.  That's a neat difference.

A tip for you, avoid going Friday morning.  Even though they have a drive thru, they're not very fast.  When you pull up there might be cars in line but as the temperamental customers would do, is honk to try to get out of line... yeah, I've witnessed it.  Plus, Friday morning is donut prime time, lines are long inside and out.  Try another time.  Oh, and p.s. they don't have any normal chocolate milk.  They only have the fat free version... which kid would want that?  Duh!

River Oaks Donuts
3601 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77027 

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