Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Willie G's

So co-workers picked Willie G's for Happy Hour.  Since I can't have much, thought I get some soup.
I went for the Lobster Bisque, it was creamy but you can also taste the alcohol too.  And while I would say almost every bite there's little bit of lobster meat.  You can also tell that they give you the bits and pieces that no one wanted.  They were so tiny that it felt stingy of them.  Compare to Pappadeaux, the meat was night and day difference on the amount of meat available.

Now, another co-worker also got soup, she got the shrimp gumbo, and the menu specifically noted that okra upon request, instead they put way too much okra in the soup that she barely ate her soup.

I will say that their Happy Hour specials for drinks and snacks are pretty decent, for instance sliders for $5.95, 1/2 dz oysters or shrimp for $4.95.  It's not bad.  That said, for drinks and happy hour come here, but for real food, go to another place.

Willie G's
1605 Post Oak
Houston, TX 77056
713 840 7190

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