Thursday, June 13, 2013


To entertain some co-workers, I took them to Chuy's.
At first, I kinda felt bad, they came from McAllen, and have better Mexican food than what we have in Houston.  Although, I wasn't sure what their status on having Tex-Mex style food.  But as a gamble, I took them here anyway.
This is a customized enchilada with steak and Tex Mex sauce.  Remember kids, Tex Mex sauce is the least spicy sauce on their list.  It might be a tad sweet and tangy, but mix it with rice, it's really da bomb!  The meat was fresh and of course, as usual way too much food than you really need.

As you know, I really like them because of their food, the environment, and the creamy jalapeno sauce.  One thing I forgot was that it was Thursday night (aka meat market/ happy hour night), so parking was a challenge, but try to go after dinner prime time, you might have a better chance for parking and quicker on a table too.  They do have take out service should you ever not feel like being there, but keep in mind, any creamy jalapeno you asked for, they will charge you for it, as opposed they will bring you extra if you eat in.

2706 Westheimer Rd
at Kirby
Houston, Tx

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