Monday, June 3, 2013

Pondicheri dinner

Since we always go to Pondicheri for breakfast, we figured we should give them a shot for dinner.
We ordered the papadum, which is thin like taco shells but made with lentils and it does have spices in it where it has a kick to it.  It came with chutney, the white stuff is yogurt of some sort, and don't know what the green stuff was, it was not exactly my taste, so I didn't investigate too much.
Grilled fish, it came with a side of salad.  Sadly the fish doesn't taste good at all, but the salad does.  So I went with that.  For $20, that was a total waste.
It came with a side of potato salad, it is again soaked in this mixture that's like a watered down yogurt, but it has potato, cucumber, basil, and onion.  That tasted better than the fish even... sigh.

Again, sadly, for $20 the fish was not good.  Since it doesn't even taste good, the $20 was definitely not worth it in my book.  I'd rather come back for breakfast, the bar, or their baked goods.  Yikes!  That said, when the evening is nice, it does feel good to sit out at the patio to enjoy a meal.  Just wish that the meal was more up to par.  I'll stick to the breakfast.

2800 Kirby
Houston, TX 77098

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