Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Partners in Paleo

So recently, Weston A. Price Houston Chapter hosted a demo and dinner.  The demo is mostly to show how easy it is to make bone broth and mix and match with different kinds of puree made with local produce to make inventive dinners.
Partner in Paleo made the dinner, last time I understand they charged $10, and realized they can make a profit.  This time they doubled up to $20.  At first, I didn't think anything of it, most of these sit down dinners $20 is not unreasonable.

That is until I realized what was served.  The dinner was just a chicken or beef stew with a side salad.  Granted, everything is organic, gluten free, paleo friendly, but soup and salad for $20, is a tad steep.

I finished the soup and was waiting for the next course, realized this was the only course.  That was disappointing.
At least the dessert was a saving grace.  It was a orange glazed cake.  For being gluten free and paleo friendly, this was a superb cake.  They use coconut flour, cream, and extra eggs to achieve the moisture you tasted.  Totally thumbs up.

In terms of food, it tasted fine.  It does have a very homey feel to the entire place and food.  Soup and stew just like how Mom would make them.  The dessert is wonderful.  Does this meal itself worth $20?  No.  I would've felt better if they had told me that a portion goes back to the Weston A. Price Houston Chapter, but they aren't making any money off of this.  So, that was disappointing.

I will probably go back to Partner in Paleo and try them again.  Too bad they're so far out of town and their hours are particular... hope they can sustain business.

Partner in Paleo
109 B Meadow Parkway
League City, TX

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