Monday, June 24, 2013


So being pregnant, going out to eat is difficult, you can't have good sushi, you can't have good cheese, but yet I try... So much so that Carl at  Sushi Club of Houston had collaborated with Houston Press to come up with a list for you to start.
So this round, we went to Aka.  During majority of this pregnancy I kinda stayed away from Aka because I usually come here for their creative rolls and one thing or another or a few things together I cannot have.  Instead of being a pain and ask for a special roll to be made, I just try to work around it. 
So for instance, I had the California Roll without roe, and a salmon skin hand roll - normal.  There are a few that is easier to work with.
I was going to order their hot rock beef, at least I can cook it to the temp I like.  But under the advisement of our waiter, who was really saying the hot rock is more for show than for taste, we ordered the rib eye with the sauce on the side.  

That was a tad disappointing, not sure if it's because of the sauce is on the side or what, but it is blend if you don't dip in it.  Most importantly, I wish our server would've told us that this is seared.... sorry pregnant people can't do seared stuff.

Aside from that, the server was quite knowledgeable about sushi alternative on the menu for preggars like us.  Mostly because they already separated the cooked rolls versus the non, so that's good.  We do have extra limitation and that may have thrown him off, but he was more than happy to go ask for us.  So I appreciate them being so accommodating.  Not to mention they also have decent happy hour if you ever get a chance to check them out.

2390 W. Alabama
Houston, TX 

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