Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kublai Khan Crazy Mongolian Grill

I saw someone on Houston Press had reviewed this place, thought I'd give it a shot too.
Kublai Khan Crazy Mongolian Stirfry and Moving Sushi Bar, there's alot of stuff going on here, but let's see....
The set up is simple, you go thru and pick out all the meat, veggie, spices, oil, and mixture that you can fit in a tiny silver bowl.  Feel free to stack it all up.
At the end, you turn it over to the person at the end, and they will put it on the big grill.  They will also ask if you want noodles (which they have at least 4 or 5 types), rice (white or brown), or tortillas... yeah, a tad out of place.  Or a side of bread.
On the other side is the moving sushi belt.  They do have a variety of sushi.  I take it is the most popular types on the belt.  You can special order stuff you don't see on the belt.
So, here's my creation. Vermicelli (aka rice noodle), with chicken, krab sticks, squash, mushroom, veggies with sesame oil and spices.

Go check them out, they do have lunch specials or happy hour specials on different days.  If weather permits, they also have an outdoor patio bar to hang out as well.  Very much worth the value for your own creation.  Give them a try.

Kublai Khan Crazy Mongolian Stirfry & Moving Sushi Bar
3017 Milam Street
Houston, TX 77006


Anonymous said...

I'll have to try this place out! I had my first Mongolian restaraunt experience at Mongo's in Pearland. The experience is addictive. I keep going back because I'll think "I should have added red pepper flakes," or something that makes me want to outdo my last creation. I thought Mongo's was the only Mongolian grill, but now that I know there are more, I'm ready to venture out. Thanks for a great post!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I know how to spell it. My fingers don't.