Thursday, August 20, 2015

St Regis Tea

So... the whole reason why I started the blog was to find tea that my mom and I can go to... that was 2009.
We sat down and got a little amuse bouche.  It was toast with bree and a tad of balsamic oil with raspberry.
Our server gave us 2 teas to choose from,   This is the St Regis bland, full bodied and darker.  For the dessert course, we get a White Blossom tea.  The tea is light and fruity, and it is definitely great for sweets.
For savory, you have an open faced cucumber sandwich, egg salad sandwich, beef and provolone sandwich, guyere with roasted pepper and one pecan, and chicken salad with cranberries.
What we came here for....
Scone with devonshire cream.  Long time ago, they boost that they flown those from England.  We haven't heard that lately, so cannot validate it.
Here's the dessert course: we have fruit tart, meringue tart, and a strawberry chocolate cake.  Not to mention they gave us a box of macarons to take home.  By this point, we were so stuffed that ended up taking most of these home.  Don't worry, they gave us a pretty box, so classy all the way.
This is our set up, even though we had to share the table with another party.  But everything was very pretty and it was super fancy.  Definitely a girl's afternoon with some fancy tea.

As always, reservation is highly highly encouraged, meaning, you should do it.  They have valet at the front door, and they will take good care of your car.  Of course, don't forget to tip your valet.  I've heard that One Direction and Brazilian Soccer team stayed here, so don't be surprised if you have a mob of fans hanging outside.  When they say tea is served between 3-5p, plan on being there truly that two hour span.  You want to take your time to enjoy and this is no time to rush.  

St Regis High Tea
1919 Briar Oaks Lane
(by San Felipe)
Houston, TX 77027

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