Thursday, August 27, 2015

HRW: Coppa Osteria

Coppa was actually my first HRW this year.  
I got my usual Arnold Palmer, it was perfect for the rainy day we had last week.

Not sure if it was because I was there with a group or it's in the middle of the HRW, the service and food was not as good as I've had in the past when I come to visit.  
I got the Burrata for my first course.  It is stuffed risotto with burrata, fried and with the marinara sauce.  Oh my goodness, everyone at the table that got it was finding stuff to dip into that sauce.  They gave us an extra one by accident, so that people who didn't order the burrata was able to try it, and even they were impressed by the sauce.
Second course I went light and got the ceasar salad.  It comes with anchovy, and I know alot of people aren't big fans of them, but at Coppa, I am.  So much so that the lady next to me was offering hers to me, and I gladly take them off of her hands.  It's lemony, not fishy at all.  Definitely is a Ceasar done right, in my book.
 For the main course, I did Spaghetti Carbonara, and I know what you think, you can have that anywhere.  But I do know that they have gluten free pasta available, so chose that for that reason.  Otherwise, the other GF option was fish, and I wasn't much in the mood for it.  

It's definitely unique, they came to the table without sauce and has an egg over it.  And they pour some of the sauce over it, and then mix it in front of you.  As one of the servers tells us, chef recommends doing half the sauce at first, and if you feel that's not enough then add more, but start with half.  Since I'm a huge fan of their parmesan cream, plus they mix it all up with the egg for you, there's no issue for me.  Yum! 
 Lastly, for dessert, I had the Zeppole, which is Italian donut with 2 dipping sauce.  One is chocolate (L) and Mixed Berry (R).  Let's be honest, I was really there for the chocolate sauce, it's like having a mini chocolate fondue in front of you.  Don't worry, I didn't embarrass myself by licking the plate, the mixed berry is actually pretty good, but if you put the two in front of me, there's no contest which I'd go for. 

All in all, not the best Coppa experience I've had, and again, not sure if that's their typical dinner crowd, because the bar is quite a place for the seen or be seen folks.  Or, it's part of the HRW.  The food wasn't bad, but wasn't as good as I've had here in the past.  In the past, everytime I came here I've enjoyed my meal.  This time, the servers seems rushed even though they have increased staff in preparation to handle the crowd.  And the food was just off a notch from the norm.  I think next time I'll skip HRW and wait till it's over to return.

Parking, for dinner, if you're lucky to park down the block, whichever direction, do it.  If you're going to park at their garage, I think it's about the same as valet.  Valet is $5, if it is raining, they give you the umbrella to the door, and they'll collect it later.  Plus, if you park at the garage, there's a patch that does not have a cover, so you might as well valet to stay dry.

Coppa Osteria
in Rice Village
5210 Morningside
Houston, TX 77005

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