Wednesday, August 26, 2015

HRW: Prohibition

One of the hyped menu for this year's HRW was Prohibition.
It's downtown, right by the rail.  So, if you don't want to fuss with the parking, take the rail it's not far.  That said, there are alot of parking spots this block or one over.  If that's too far for you, they are directly across from a parking lot, $5 for the night.  Well worth it, because from where we sat, I can watch my car, the entire time. 
 If you go early enough, they do have Happy Hour from 5-7pm, and they have discount on a few appetizer items but definitely their cocktail.  This is the Lavender Marriage, and the photo doesn't do it justice, it is really purple... not just gray-ish purple.  It has Gin, Creme de violette, Lavender Bitters, and lemon.  It's even smell purple, ok, it's really lavender, but it is not too sweet and the gin does kick in after you take a sip.
 This is their Fish Beignets.  I know this is silly but the tar tar sauce that's made in house is what made the dish.  Couple of the pieces I tasted the batter but not the fish, either way, I'm telling you that sauce is crack... I welcome you pour it on top of whatever, and I'll lick that plate. 
 My friend, Joanne (aka the FoodPrincess), ordered the BBQ Oyster.  Then, I kicked myself for not ordering that, because they looked awesome.  And tasted awesome too.  Don't make the mistake I did, order the oyster!!!!
 For my main course, I ordered Short Rib in the style of Bourguignon, on top of a bed of mashed potato.  The Japanese Golden mushroom on top was a surprised, but it went well with the stew.  The short rib does fall apart as you take a stab, and the jus was nicely balanced.  Not too overwhelming on the red wine.  The pearl onion was yummy as well as the mushroom.  No complain here.
 Joanne ordered off the normal menu, and got the steak and frites.  Then, I was kicking myself, because that steak was better than the short rib.  I'm telling you, grass is always greener on the other plate.  I was having dinner envy.  Even the fries are tastier...
For dessert, I got the Peach Cobbler.  Since I haven't had a peach cobbler for a while, thought I'd take a chance.  Well.... hindsight, I would've stick with what I know, and get the Chocolate Torta.  The cobbler has sorghum streussel for the top,  ginger and mace in the mix.  Just not up my taste ally.  But if it was a tea, I think I would like that more.  Oh well, can't win them all.

The decor is very 20s-esque, trying to capture the feel of Great Gatsby.  I know they also have vaudeville shows and burlesque shows as well.  Seriously, I would recommend the drinks, as they are comparable with Anvil, and definitely get the oyster.  I'm not sure if it's HRW or maybe it could be their normal crowd, but there's alot more hipsters there.  I'm not sure if it's the drinks that brought them out or maybe they know someone that works there, but I felt a bit out of sort with the scenery.  That said, the chairs and chandelier was a nice touch.

Prohibition Supperclub & Bar
1008 Prairie
Houston, TX 77002

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