Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Finally got to go back to Uchi
Went back for the Sake Social, which starts at 5p.  My advice, the earlier you go, the better.
Alright, I'll shut up and just post pictures.
Uchiveche - their version of ceviche.  It has salmon, striped bass, tomato, cilantro, bell pepper.
Eggplant nigri - Does not taste a bit like any eggplant you've eaten.
Brussels Sprouts - must have... yummy to the max.  So addictive.
Uchi Salad - they sell it like a chip and dip style.  I do forget how the sauce has a kick to it.
Oyster with cucumber and tom kha.  Which I don't know what that is.  I can tell you, there's some lemon kick to it with ginger for sure.
Machi Cure - yellowtail, yucca chips, pear, and yummy almond.  You literally have to pile all of them into one bite in order to taste the yummy goodness.
Ham & Egg sushi roll - which had pork belly and yolk custard.  The other is the Venison dish, which was a tad disappointing.  It was more Vietnamese style and the venison didn't spark any tastebuds for me.
Zero Sen - yellowtail, shallot, cilantro, avocado.  Good as always, you must dip the sauce, or just drag thru it.
Waygu Nigiri - the beef was super soft and yummy.  That's how I like all my beef cooked from now on.
Kanpachi Crudo - which has amberjack, truffle oil, yuzu dashi, and jalapeno.  I'm not a fan of the jalapeno, but definitely yummy with the amberjack, truffle oil and the yuzu dashi.  
Okashi - we were oversold on this one.  It turned not wasn't what we expected.  It's not bad, but not as good as one of the servers described.  We were under the impression that there will be more aduzki beans, which you can hardly see here.  And we were promised little mochi type material, which also hardly been tasted or seen.  The peach were nice, so was the in-house made ice cream.  Like I said, it was better described to us than the real thing.  We should've done frozen milk, that has never failed me.
Overall, Uchi never disappoint, but some of the dishes weren't as good as I remembered, but the tried and true are truly that, they are good no matter what.  Don't forget to make a reservation and bring change for the valet.

Uchi Houston
904 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77006

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