Monday, January 19, 2015


I'm warning you, this post is picture heavy... but you're allowed to drool in 3...2...1...

A friend came back from UK for work, and she was craving for Uchi, so we let her take the driver's seat and order the night's menu.
Machi Curi - smoked yellowtail with yucca chips, Spanish Almond, Asian Pear and garlic brittle.
Massachusetts Oysters with Olive Ice Cream and Lemon ice.  It's the most refreshing thing I've ever tasted.  The lemon ice is so light and it's enhanced by the Olive Ice Cream, which you don't even noticed it's there, and the moment it all hits your tongue, it's the best summer lightness in a winter day you've ever experienced.  It was so good that we ordered another round.
Uchi Salad - baby greens with parmesan flakes dip with jalapeno edamame dip.  
Gyutoro - short ribs sous vide for 72 hours.  It was so nice it is like butter.
Ham and Egg - pork belly katsu (fried) with egg yolk custard.  There are beer sauce and egg mustard.  Remember, when you get it, you're supposed to dip all 3 types of sauces into one bite.  Delish!
Sorry for the bad photo - but this is the Brussels Sprouts.  I'm telling you, if our parents cooked Brussels Sprouts this way, all kids would eat them, daily!
Kamo Nabe - which is a bit like the Chinese Sticky Rice in Hot pot, where they cook these pots of rice mixed with different meat and it's super hot.  For this dish, in particular, it has duck, egg, mushroom, and chili.  They brought a sauce to pour over and you mix it all up like you do bibimap.  I will warn you, it is spicy.
Yokai Berry - which is kale chips, which I love, salmon, pear and yuzu and blueberries.  And the trick is also to pile everything on and take a bite.  I just can't get over those kale chips... again, if they were accessible growing up, you'll get more people to eat kale for sure.
I didn't get a chance to get the name of this, but it is essentially roasted pork with a slice of fried onion.  Not exactly my favorite, but it's definitely quality.
Brie Ringo - as described, it's a slice of brie fried, and have thinly sliced apply on top.  The whole thing was held up by a slice of sweet potato chip.  Very delicious and creamy.
Foie Gras sushi - OMG, the best thing I've ever had in my life.  It literally melt in my mouth like butter.  Let me just say, there was a parade in my mouth and it was wonderful, confetti's were everywhere and there was a band behind it.  It was good.... I highly recommend everyone to order that!
This was the Lime Ash Sorbet - lime sorbet in the middle.  The cool mid century looking circles are vanilla cream, and you can have some chocolate sauce, chili meringue.  You do a spoonful altogether, it's nice, light and balance.
Not as good as the Lemon Gelato, which has pistachio powder and white balsamic.  We all liked the flavors for this one...
This is their Dessert on the Special menu - Okashi which has white chocolate, champagne and strawberry, all been nitrated and crushed into pieces.  Sad to say, this is not one of our favorite.  Kinda made me regret not getting the Fried Milk, which is tried and true and can stand all test of time.

As usual, you should definitely make a reservation.  I've read on Yelp from alot of people who are upset that they have to wait for over an hour for a table.  This is just not one of those places that you walk in and get a table, so don't even stress yourself out, just make a reservation.  The other thing that I think it's an improvement, that is you have to valet, as most of you know.  But, now what they're doing is, they ask for your ticket stub when you check in at the front desk.  Then, when you're paying your tab, the server let the front desk know, and in turn, they call the valet guys, and they go and run and grab your car.  It was super efficient, especially when the night we were there was cold.  So, it's nice not having to wait in the cold.  Definitely a thumbs up on their experience.

904 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77006

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