Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Angus Grill Brazilian

So for a work dinner, a bunch of people and I went to Angus Grill.
 So, like all the churrascaria, they give you a card... green is yes - more meat; red is no - thank you.  Stop the meat from coming.
 Here's the menu of meat that will be coming our way.
 This is the famous Brazilian bread, pao de queijo.  Which is made with tapioca flour and cheese, and a few things but it's so delicious, you don't care what else.  It's truly addictive, and they give you these chimichurri sauce to go with it, that's is so good that you will easily filled up with bread.  But you must control yourself, save room for the meat!  
 For starter, you get the salad bar, they have tomato, cucumber, corn, broccoli, cheese and cold cuts...
 There's spinach salad, potato salad, carrots, beans, ceasar salad... there are also have lentil soup, beans, rice, and mashed potato.
 Here's my starter plate... there's sausage, steak, sirloin, drum stick... I got pretty much everything else.  Here's the key: you can enjoy everything without having a bunch of cold meat stuck on your plate; just ask them to give you the smaller piece.  They are all happy to oblige.  
 This is my dessert: papaya cream, which is papaya and ice cream blend together.  
It's best enjoyed with cassis liquor, it doesn't really taste much of alcohol, it does bring out the papaya taste, it's the darnest thing... but you should try it.

A few things to note: first of all, when they say they are open at 5:30p, they meant it.  Unlike many places, who will open the bar for you to sit, get a drink while the main seating area is ready for service.  They do not open the door until 5:30p.  If you come before, they will make you wait outside.  The poor valet driver were in the cold and weren't able to park alot of cars, because everyone sits in their car in the front parking spots.  I felt bad for the guy.  The night we went was super cold, so I gave him a bigger tip since he had to bare the cold and no real cars for him to park due to the opening policy.

Second, their hostess has very poor planning issue.  We were seated in the main area, and part of our party were delayed due to traffic.  For crying out loud, they are in the busy part of Westheimer, coming and going, you're in the midst of traffic whichever direction came from.  After we got our food from the salad bar, about to sit down to eat, the hostess came over and informed us that due to our late start, we'll have to move to another table because they are expecting a large party at 1.5 hour after us.  Hmm... here's the thing, your poor planning should not impact my experience of this establishment.  She should've: A, plan ahead of time, after all, this is technically a buffet style, I can be sitting there eating all night long for all you know.  As a matter of fact, our server made us felt super welcome and invited us to take our time.  Granted, no one ever does, simply too much protein and you get filled up quickly and their servers made sure of it.  But, if I'm training for a eating contest, I could potentially be there for a while.  B, be polite when you inconvenient your customers, you don't talk to them like they were in the way, again, because your poor planning.  The hostess basically said the reason they have to relocate us, nay, she used the word MOVE, is because of our delay.  Urm... not only do you not factor in people will be late and thus won't start on time and your turn over have to have cushion, the least you can do is be polite about it.  So, the end result: the 'large party' did not arrive by the time we left, so what was the hub bub about?  Now you made a potential group of customers who enjoyed themselves, enjoyed the food, enjoyed the servers, enjoyed the live jazz mood music, think twice, if not thrice about returning because of the poor experience.  They are not the only game in town, Chama Gaucha is down the street, easier to get to, friendly staff, excellent bar, and good food, not to mention reasonable priced.  Fogo De Chau is in the other direction if I wish to be fancy schmancy... now tell me again why I would return to Angus?!

Angus Grill Brazilian Churrascaria
6106 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77057

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