Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ruggles Bakery

Did you know that Ruggles Bakery has a Happy Hour?  From 3-6p, $3 you call it... all desserts in the house.
 So we got the Chocolate Tres Leche, it has the chocolate & caramel drizzle at the bottom, which is nice when you get some cream, some cake, and nice chocolate/caramel combo drizzle.
I got an Iced Mocha, it's kinda cool.  They have chocolate sauce in there, iced coffee and did you see the ice?  It's not funky, it's coffed-ed ice.  They also have a chocolate dipped spoon too. Since I'm already having all these sweets, I skipped the cookies.

So, how would that Happy Hour work?  $3 for the big dish of dessert.  My most expensive item was the coffee, which was $3.50.  So, I'm all for Happy Hour.  And it is dine in only.

Ruggles Bakery Cafe
2365 Rice Blvd
Houston, TX 77005

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