Monday, January 12, 2015


Been a while since we were at Pondicheri
We've never been to Pondicheri during the week.  But since it was during holiday week, there were lots of people hanging out.  As a matter of fact, after we ordered, there was a line out the door, despite the weather was quite cold outside.

So, I got the crepe. Crepe was made with rice flour so the entire thing is gluten free, and for all the gluten free crepes, this one was true to the consistency of a real crepe.  Some other places either are too thick or the taste is just not up to snub.  For the inside, I had Nutella, Banana, and Strawberry.  It was nice and hit the spot for breakfast.  Try for a weekend breakfast or go upstairs to the Bake Lab (aka bakery) there's more goodies up there.

2800 Kirby
Ste B132
Houston, TX 77098

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