Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Soma Sushi

Was running errands in the Heights area, was kinda sad that Samurai Noodles is not yet opened, but I know I can always go to Soma.
Don't be intimidated sitting at the bar, from experience, I'v always have great service and attention from the servers sitting there.  
Had a couple of pieces as appetizer: unagi & tuna.  Very few places have fresh tuna, and it's nice to have some good tuna.
I had the Soma Ramen: pork belly, 3 kinds of mushrooms, spinach, eggs.  I just love the soup, that's the best part.  While it's cold outside, I'm slurping my bowl of yummy warm soup inside.  Not only that you can really taste the fat, mmm mmm good...  Basically, any kind of ramen you can get, you can't go wrong at Soma.  I think some are thicker soup base than others and that'll be the delineation, but aside from that, you can pretty much count on the quality of the ingredients.

Soma Sushi
4820 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77007

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