Monday, September 23, 2013


So, my friend Angie got a gift cert burning a hole in her pocket, so we decided to go. 
During weekends, they have great Happy Hour Specials. I kept forgetting that they have a great special. But now, have to make an effort to go there more often. 
We both had the Black Bean Ramen. It does have kimchi, braised short rib, tamago on top, and of course black bean soup. What made this different type of noodle than when we first tried it with Ramen in Common. In that, they have used a different type of noodles. They've made tgeir own Soma Noodle, which doesn't have yolk in the noodle, which is chewy-ier, more elastic. It can withstand the black bean soup nicely. You've got to try it. 

Beware of the parking signs at the shopping center. We went during a non-peak hour of the day, and plenty of parking to be had. But, the new signs segregate which spots are for Soma and which are for other businesses. So, watch out. 

4820 Washington Ave
Houston, TX77007

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