Monday, September 9, 2013


I think Chatters is one of the underrated neighborhood joints that are overshadowed by all the fancy hipster restaurants on Washington Ave.  
Again, I got my Arnold Palmer, which is now a 'usual' that I measure against between bars everywhere I go lately.  It's not too sweet, but not super outstanding either.
Every dinner entree comes with either soup or salad.
I had the Gyro plate with rice.  Very low thrilled, but the meat is done right.  Usually it comes pita bread, but since we're doing it gluten free style, you can swap out for rice. 

They do have a gluten free menu separate from the main, but when you tell the server, it is truly them taking out the bread portion and replacing it with something that's not.  No big theatrical about it, just subbing things out.

Like I said, Chatters is underrated and overshadowed by the big name, hipsters on Washington.  The food here is not bad, the atmosphere is nice.  There are a few odd paintings that are head scratchers, and location is not bad.  Servers are always attentive and ample parking for ease.  Yet, every time we come here there's plenty of empty tables.  They do mostly do Mediterranean but they also have other stuff too.  Truly deserve another look.

140 S. Heights Blvd
Houston, TX 77007

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