Thursday, September 5, 2013


My friend Julia and I decided to have some girls time sans baby.  She picked Provisions, which I've been meaning to try.
They are located in the old Gravitas place, but cut in half... food is definitely up to par.
Here's my Arnold Palmer, it's a little too tea and not sweet enough.
We shared their Cesare Wedge salad, of course there's Anchovy on top, but it doesn't taste fishy at all.  If anything, it taste very lemony.
We also shared their Tuscan Kale pizza.  At first, I was very skeptical about kale on pizza, but the mix with the spicy sausage really did the trick.  I must've ate all of my half so quickly that could've finished the entire thing.  But we needed to save room for...
Dessert, of course!  This is their Neapolitan Chocolate Mousse Cake... I love how they serve it in the little jars and you can see the layering.
The top is filled with dipping dots, you know, those ice cream you get from a stand at the mall.  Except this is made in house with freeze dried strawberry.  The middle is chocolate mousse cake, layered with caramel cream, and the top is the ice cream.  The goal is to take your spoon and take all the layers in one bite, and it was a great idea!
At the end of the meal, comes the check.  Instead of the folio, it comes into a sardine can, a clean one of course.  The idea is great, just that my credit card won't fit it very well.  But cute idea!

I would suggest you make a reservation no matter what time of day you go.  They do have parking in the front, side, and back, but not alot.  If you go at lunch time, you shouldn't have trouble parking.  But at night that might be an issue, but no worries, they have valets, or you can try your luck on the street, just make sure you read the signs.  My next goal is to go to Pass, and make a little comparison.  

807 Taft Street
Houston, TX 77019

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