Monday, September 30, 2013


While driving down Kirby, this little house caught my eyes.
After digging around on the internet, realize that Mia's is part of the Carrabba's chain.  And Mia is Johnny Carrabba's daughter.  And the food here is casual southern style.  They have burger, bbq, pulled pork, chicken sandwiches. 
Chocolate Shake.  This looked too delicious to pass up.  
I got the pulled pork sandwich.  They ask you if you want to add pickles and onion.  It's nice and warm, and as it turns out, the buns are toasted.  YUM!  Mine came with 2 sides, I got the potato salad and cole slaw.  To my surprise, I love the cole slaw much more than the potato salad.  I'm usually a potato salad person, but for some reason, their version is too zingy for my taste buds.  So I decided to try the cole slaw, and it was super fresh, and tasty.  I recommend it.

Mia's Table
3131 Argonne St
Houston, TX 77098

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