Tuesday, October 1, 2013


When I heard about Jollibee made the news in Philippines, I was curious what it was.
I knew they're a fast food joint, but never knew what they were about.  When I heard that lines were wrapped around several times I was curious if the food is really 'that' good.
When we got there there was a small line outside the door.  And the drive thru was the make shift line for outside, so it wasn't in operation.  We were trying the divide and conquer strategy where one of us was standing in line and the other went to get a table.  They have a manager directing table traffic and or help you 'reserve' a table when someone is about to be done.  

This sign can be seen at every table, so that you don't hog a table all day long.
I got the Purple Ube (Taro) Pearl Cooler.  It's like bubble slushy, and it does taste very much like Taro.  Just wish they give you a bigger straw to drink the pearl.  It often get stuck.
Food comes in a to go container, not sure if this is easier to expedite during busy times, or if they will change it when the situation calms down in the restaurant.
I got the Spaghetti with 1 piece of Chickenjoy.  And it might not look appetizing, it turned out to be pretty decent.  The spaghetti has sliced hotdog sausage in it, with the 'bolognese' type sauce.  I'm not sure exactly what's in it, so I'm not going to say definitely.  But!  I will say the fried chicken was as good as they say.  The outside is crispy, and the inside is juicy.  They totally got KFC and whomever else beat on that.  I wouldn't mind coming back for another bucket full of the fried chicken.  Yes, they do bucket like KFC does.

8001 S. Main St
Ste 100
Houston, TX 77025

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