Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Golden Palace

Once upon a time, Golden Palace was Houston's top dim sum place.  While there are better, newer place for dim sum.  I thought we should re-visit just for kicks.
For the uneducated dim sum, this is the picto-menu for your easy ordering.
We got the standard's: shu mai - steamed pork dumpling
Har Gow: steamed shrimp dumplings
Pork Rice Noodle (my childhood favorite)
Fried Turnip Cake.  They really steam it first in to this congealed cake.  Sliced then pan fried.
Fried dumpling, it's veggie filling inside.
Another childhood favorite: Char Siu Bao - steamed pork bun.  Look out, they do have a baked version.  Use the picto-menu to make sure you get the right one.
Steamed ribs with pepper and black bean

They serve dim sum seven days a week.  Dim sum used to be a special thing for weekends.  This is now available every day as you wish.  You order them with a check list and they bring out the dishes to you.  Gone are the days of charming little carts with the dishes.  They still serve that further down on Bellaire, but for faster, expedited way, check off the list and they will bring it out to you.  Reasonably priced, and you'll have leftovers.  So, be sure to ask for to go boxes and save them for the next day!

Golden Palace Restaurant
8520 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77036

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