Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chuan's Chinese Restaurant

I overheard a friend mentioning this new place that has Shanghai soup dumplings, I was highly curious.
Located at the corner of Fountain View & Westheimer.  I really do mean the corner, it's right next to Spotlight Karaoke.
THis is the spicy beef noodle.  Large size.
It was super spicy, and we had to remove the soup from the rest to cut down some heat.  That worked for a little bit.
This is the fried sweet purple potato.  I thought it was like a dessert, but it wasn't sweet much.  I was expecting it to be sweet, but instead it's a tad savory and a an egg yoke cooked inside of the seasme morsel.
Ahh, finally the reason why we visited... It has pretty good soup dumplings, but you know it's a tad smaller than I'd like.  For $3.99, you get this little basket of 3.  Frankly, that's not really enough, but if only order this as an appetizer, then you are fully covered.

The entire place is new.  Decor is trying hard to help you remember the old country.  The food is Szechuan's style, so you can expect alot of spicy dishes.  There are a few American-Chinese dishes to cater to the audience in the Galleria area.  But I will come back and try the other dishes.  I'm not quite sure about the soup dumpling, the price of $4 for 3 pieces.  In Chinatown you definitely get a better deal.  It's about the same as the E-Tao inside the Galleria.

Chuan's Chinese Restaurant
Westheimer @ Fountainview
5901 Westheimer Rd
Unit N
Houston, TX 77057

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