Monday, October 7, 2013

Sage 400

For my friend's birthday, she wanted to go to Sage 400.  I've driven by it all the time, so I'm happy to give that a shot.
If it's places near me, I'm oblige to try them out just because if it is good or worthy to return, it's one more places for us to visit and eat.
This is the Miso marinated Chilean Sea Bass.  It's very flavorful, very yummy, the texture is good, and it just clean.
In this mysterious tea pot is Doshi Mushi, which is seafood soup inside.
Here's the tiny cup for you to enjoy your soup.  And once you're done with the soup, open up the tea pot, it has pieces of seafood inside.  More to eat, yummy!
This is the Hirame Carpaccio.  This wasn't as good as I had hoped.  It is sliced flounder with dill and sherry balsamic vinegar.  With all of that, there was still no flavor to it.  So you see all the oil, herb, and sauce to the fish, it doesn't taste like it has anything to it.
This is Hamachi and Taro Chips.  This is actually very good.  You grab a chip, put some yellowtail on it, and it's nice and fresh.  Definitely have to get this again.
This was a special, which is Kobe Beef Nigiri, the beef is definitely a different class.  The meat is like butter.  Unfortunately, the rice is not as vinegar as it can be.
This is the V Roll, which has spicy tuna inside with cucumber, and on the outside is albacore tuna and pepper.  It definitely has a kick to it, but it's pretty good and I can't take spicy stuff very well.  
Chopped scallop nigiri, it's about same as you can find other places.
Chicken yakitori, it's ok.  Nothing to write home about.

Overall, this place is not much more special than any sushi places you can find in town.  The pricing is a bit high.  Like I mentioned before, some dishes are good, some just nothing to brag about.  It's a hit or miss.  I probably won't go out of my way to come here unless someone asked to go there.  The space is nice, and the bar is comfy for dinner.  The servers are good.  Ours in particular wasn't too friendly, but the others who are willing to help are actually very friendly and helpful.

Sage 400
2800 Sage Road
Houston, TX 

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