Thursday, September 12, 2013


Since I was in City Centre, thought I'd stop by Sweet.  
Seems like it's becoming a once a year event... the last time I was here was a year ago.
The display case still hasn't improve.  By that I mean, macarons should be refrigerated somewhat.  Unless you sell out so quickly that you don't need to.  But the space does warm up quickly, having it refrigerated just ensure the quality of the cookies.

When I was looking for something to buy, I asked the server which she recommends, knowing that the flavors are rotated.  She said their popular seller is the Rose.  Yes I'd like that too, but if you look at the picture (next to the green), it's all smeared and not put together like a mac should, I would hesitant to buy it.  I'm embarrassed for her for even recommending it, since it looked so sloppy.

Since my friend bought something, I decided to give them a shot.  After all, you'd hope they've improved since the last year I was here.
They definitely kept the cute bag, and improved by having a professional logo sticker... let's see about the macs.
This is their version of Earl Grey.  They sprayed the silver on top.  The flavor was in the middle filling as opposed to Bite, which has the flavors in the cookie shell.
This is their espresso mac.  The shell is nicely decorated, just wish they let the filling and the cookie set before selling.  You can tell the buttercream is about to be mushed and it's not because its so fresh, it's because it was melting and the cookie is coming apart.

To say I was disappointed is an understatement.  They were the first shop in Houston to sell macs, and while the flavor is awesome, the finishing is subpar.  If someone's defrosted macs taste better than their 'fresh' ones, and looked more presentables, this is just embarrassing.  Definitely remind me that once a year visit is enough.

801 Town and Country Boulevard
Suite A120, 
Citycentre Way, 
Houston, TX 77024
(713) 647-9338

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