Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bite Macarons

As a mac fan, I had heard about Bite Macarons from a friend of mine.  
The chef happens to be my friend's sister-in-law...
Rows and rows of macs... yum!
They are also openly advertise that they do specialty pieces, which alot of places can do, but that's not their main thing, and usually won't mention it.  But unlike the others, Bite does show their price for a novelty decorative pieces.
Classy sticker with a see thru package... yes I like to see my macs after I paid for them.  We got, Rose, Earl Grey, Jasmine, Pistachio and Coffee
Nice pied (aka feet), they fit the taste into the shell too.  The Earl Grey and Jasmine does taste like the tea they were named after, that takes skills and I can definitely appreciate that.
Nice and soft and the taste comes thru the shell as well as the filling. The buttercream is super fresh, and you can tell they did not cut corner.  Good job!  However, I was surprise that Pistachio's taste was a tad weak.   

My main thing is that the size they made them are about an inch.  For $2.25, one inch is a tad much.  Patisse is bigger for the similar price.  Not that size matters, I mean for crying out loud Central Market's flying saucer size was only $1.25, doesn't necessary mean it's good.  They were trying to partake the niche.  But to make it well and for the money's worth, might as well give the patrons a little more.

Bite Macarons
5172-B Buffalo Speedway
In the same shopping center as Kroger
Houston, TX 77005

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Vikram Ratuj said...

As I just posted on another blog, this looks good but reminds me too much of bisousciao in nyc (I used to live right next to their east village location).

Same counter, display, flavors, packaging...