Monday, August 19, 2013

HRW: Kata Robata

So very thrilled that Kata Robata is participating in Houston Restaurant Week.  
 Everything on the menu looked delicious.  Too bad we had to pick.
 Unlike the other places, this meal cost $45, not including drinks.
 For amuse bouche, we got the edamame hummus with the lotus and diacon chips with chili oil.  The taste combine together is actually very complimentary.
 For my 1st course, I got the Amberjack sashimi and Fois Gras.  I got it mostly because I'm a fan of fois gras and you don't get that very often.  The dish has olive oil and lime juice with the Amberjack and hazelnut with the fois gras.  What I was doing was that I put a small piece of fois gras in the middle of the sashimi and wrap it all into a mini bite, very nice.
 For the main course, I had the scallops, it came with peach slices and arugula.  The side was their famous lobster mac and cheese.  I definitely appreciate the lobster, but the mac and cheese isn't as big of a deal as people made it. 
For dessert, I got the pear cake.  It came with a scoop of white bean sorbet, the bottom is layed down with soba powder, which yes, as you guessed it, as in soba noodle grounded into powder.  It mixed together nicely, is the powder needed?  Hmm, probably not, but it is fancier.

We always have an excellent experience at Kata.  Highly recommend you make a reservation.  It doesn't matter if it is HRW or not, it is best to do that just to save a spot.  By the way, did you know that you can reserve the sushi bar too.  Of course, great service from their server, highly recommend you go on a week night to avoid the main crowd.

Kata Robata
3600 Kirby Rd
Houston, TX 77098

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