Thursday, August 29, 2013


At first I thought Etoile had a HRW lunch menu, turned out they only had brunch, not lunch.
Oh well, been meaning to go there and give it a try anyway, so no biggie for trying lunch.
I've been on this Arnold Palmer kick, so had to order one... not sweet enough though
For starter, I had the lobster bisque.  I can definitely tell there's liquor in it, but can barely taste the lobster.  I also much like lobster bisque that has some meat to it.  I got spoiled by Pappadeaux.
I got the Prosciutto Sandwich, it comes with a cute little bowl of fries...
Cross section of the sandwich, it has mozzarella, dried tomato, prosciutto, basil and arugula.  Very tasty!
For dessert, I got the apple tart.  It's so beautifully made.  It's gorgeous.  Also tastes good, but just pretty to look at.

This space used to be a smaller scale cafe, so it's not exactly big, so you definitely should make a reservation.  Everything is high class to a T, so I would advise dressing up a bit.

1011-11 Uptown Park
Houston, TX 77056

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