Wednesday, August 21, 2013

HRW: Brooklyn Athletic Club

One of the places on HRW that I've been looking forward to was The Brooklyn Athletic Club.
I've read a few write ups about it, and was very curious...
First course, we had their Mac & Cheese.  It has rib roast inside, with a hit of jalapeno pepper in the taste.  I must say, for jalapeno mac & cheese, Glass Wall has it best.  While this is not bad at BAC, it's nothing to write home about.
I ordered an Arnold Palmer, which seemingly simple, you do need to pay attention that they are pushing the hard version more than the virgin version.  So, make sure you look at their cocktail list so you don't end up with something you didn't expect.
For the main course, I had the sirloin, which was dry, and you can see it as soon as the plate was presented to you.  Though I had asked for medium, it was cooked to almost well.  What's the in between for medium well and well?  That's where mine was.  The fries was pretty good though.

My friend ordered the Porkobusso, it does fall off the bone; however, it doesn't have enough seasoning.  The side of brussels sprout/mushroom/bacon combo is pretty good.  But too bad, the seasoning didn't translate to the meat.
For dessert, I got the chocolate ganache cake, it has raspberry puree' that goes with it.  Very delectable.  My friend ordered the S'more Bread Pudding, I would actually rather that more though.

Overall, this is really a hipster's bar.  Nowhere on the HRW or their site state to make a reservation for dinner.  And they were pretty much stickler to their rule, where if you don't have a reservation you cannot sit inside even though they have all the open tables as far as eye can see.  Even when my friend ordered a drink at the bar, they didn't even offer for her to sit at the bar.  That's a tad snotty, if you ask me.  

So, we sat outside, fine, it is only next to Richmond, where you have a ton of traffic coming thru along with your meal.  But we were lucky ones, since most other patrons they put out at the open under the sun as opposed to under the cover with a fan.  Much like the sitting inside situation, they were very skimpy about offering that to others.  I mean, unless you really want to be close to the croquet set, but hey, that's up to you.

Our server was snooty to say the least.  Definitely not friendly... not sure if it's because we're doing HRW or what, but definitely not the friendliest on the block.  For instance, my friend's first course did not come with a spoon but mine did, she noticed it but chose not to do anything.... hmm.  That said, our table drank enough and tip enough, just didn't think we'd be worth while like other hipster that frequents there.

Brooklyn Athletic Club
601 Richmond
Houston, TX 

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Julia S. said...

I guess since we were there with a big group, I didn't notice the snootiness, if anything I thought they were very accommodating of us and baby. Since we had a big group, I did make reservations, but only an hour ahead.