Monday, August 26, 2013

HRW: L'Olivier

One of the HRW I was looking forward to was L'Olivier.  
I've never been to that space before, but it is intimate and cool.  It has a hidden private room, you just have to inquire about it. 
There's a mini wine room that separate the dining area and the bar.  Their bar, by the way, reminds me alot of the now defunct,  Roots' old bar.  
Got an Arnold Palmer to start.
For our first course, we had the House Smoked Salmon, not only that's the most appealing out of the choices.  It is one of their more known dishes.  They are one of their most popular.
For entree, I got the pork medallion which has slices of granny smith apple, on top of the pork.  Mashed potato and green beans were good.  The pork was nice and juicy.  My friend got the beef bourguignon, and it was much drier than we thought, it's weird because it should be moist, but theirs was dry, dry, dry. 
For dessert, I couldn't resist their profiteroles.  You don't see alot offer profiteroles and if they do, you question their quality, so out of curiosity, I tried it.   Instead of the cream, they put ice cream.  The chocolate sauce was ok, the best is still when Jeannine's was around.  Their chocolate sauce came from Belgium chocolate, best profiteroles ever.  I have yet to taste any that matches their quality.

Our server was great, he's attentive and paid attention.  Offered to split checks without us asking.  He was super polite, and always made sure we have enough to drink or eat.  The space is echoy, so it might be noisy if your neighbor is a tad louder than you.  I do recommend you to make reservations because the space is limited.

240 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77006

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