Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Queen Vic Pub

We actually went here right before we delivered our baby.  Nothing say I'm ready to deliver than going to lunch at a pub.  LOL.  Actually, towards the end of my pregnancy I was so huge that it doesn't matter where we go, I wasn't going to enjoy a meal comfortably with a big belly and a small bladder.  So, no need to judge about eating at a pub, I wasn't drinking anyway.
So, The Queen Vic was known for their beers and their burgers, but their English fair with an Indian twist is hard to ignore.  You probably get one of the better Indian food here.
For lunch, they accompany the entree with a salad.  All fresh ingredients, nicely cut veggies with a vinaigrette dressing.  Not too tangy, just right.
I got the Banger and Mash, very British of me.  They have a wild boar sausage with a bed of creamy mashed potato.  Now, here's what you have to note: the dinner version is gluten free but the lunch version is not.  The reason being it's different type of demi glaze that's poured on top of the dish.  So, if you want gluten free, don't forget to ask them to switch sauce.  Don't worry, not alot of people think of going to a pub for lunch, they have enough bandwidth to accommodate.  And it taste so good that you won't regret being a bit high maintenance.

The Queen Vic Pub
2712 Richmond @ Kirby
Houston, TX 77098

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