Monday, August 12, 2013

HRW: Hugo's

As promised, we're back with Houston Restaurant Weeks reporting.  This round, we started with Hugo's.  Been meaning to go there for some time, but you know how it is, there's so many good choices around town, if you're not in the neighborhood, it takes some effort.  But I'm glad we went there.  They're one of the few restaurants that posted gluten free options on their HRW selections.  So naturally we have to give them a try.  (Note: not all selections from other restaurants aren't GF, just that they made an effort to separate the options, which is kinda nice.)
 This is Tacos Doratos de Papa, the shell is made out of potato, but we can taste some corn in there, and the fillings are cabbage, pickled onions, which paired up nicely with the green tomatillo sauce.
 This is their Costilla de Borrego, which is their lollipop lamb with mole sauce (to die for).  You see asparagus, it's on top of a banana leave wrapped corn mixed with beef, which is rested on top of a bed of mustard greens.  You have to try the corn mixed with beef.  The beef is stew styled, and the corn is like a little corn cake, which mixed with the mole sauce is the best thing ever, I wouldn't mind licking the plate. 
For dessert, we got the sorbet.  It has a lime sorbet mixed with a mamade sorbet, which is a tropical fruit that is a close cousin to papaya.  You have a little piece of candie in between, which is like a carmel slice, with a hint of burnt sugar taste. 

One thing you have to know is that at Hugo's HRW menu, is broken down by wine pairing.  So, what you see here is our mixing and matching, since we've requested all gluten free options, and none of their menu offer all courses to be gf.  That said, they added a $5 surcharge for us to mix and match the HRW menu, so instead of the advertised $35, it's really $40.  Where $5 went to Houston Food Bank, and $5 addition to the left over amount went to the restaurant.  That said, I will definitely go back, especially after seeing alot more gluten free options on their menu.  

Reservations for HRW is highly recommended!

1600 Westheimer @ Mandell
Houston, TX 77008

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