Wednesday, August 28, 2013

HRW: Eleven XI

This is one of those 'much anticipated' places I wanted to try.  Eleven on West Gray, located at formerly Bibas One A Meal's house... they definitely re-did everything to up-scale the place.
For my first course, I chose the Grilled Oyster, which is really liked the Baked Mussels you get at sushi restaurant, except the fillings were bacon and cheddar filling.  The piece of oyster was tiny... 
For second course, I had the Ceasar Salad, which has parmesan cheese and prosciutto crisp, which is much like slices of nicely crisped bacons... but I'm sure it cost more.
For intermezzo, I had the cucumber water, which has salted rimmed but the taste is more sour than refreshing as I had thought it might be.
For the entree, I had the seared scallop risotto.  I loved the scallop, the risotto has this cream sauce on it.  But I think I'd like the risotto to be more flavorful to my taste.
Since the HRW menu doesn't come with any dessert, which I'd much rather forgo the intermezzo than skip dessert.  But I got one anyhow.  This is White Chocolate Macadamian nut bread pudding with ice cream and caramel sauce.  It is actually very delicious and not overwhelming.  The bread pudding with the ice cream together was a perfect match.  Highly recommend it.

The place is nice, they have some tables that are a bit tight, so when you make a reservations make sure you specify your preference.  It was weird for HRW restaurant not to have dessert, but I'm glad I got the 'off the menu' dessert.  Also, they have shoe string fries, which was very delicious, great for happy hour.  Apparently their mussels and fries is their signature dish, so give that a try.

607 West Grey
Houston, TX 77019

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