Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I always forget that there's a Panera near me.  I like them for their baked goods, between them and Corner Bakery, you really have a great selection within reach.
When I go there, I always get the Iced Green Tea, which taste nothing like the real green tea, of course.  It's sweeten and it just taste more like a fruit tea than a green tea.  If you drink real green tea, you'd know that it's bitter.  And this is not it, but it tastes good nonetheless.  
They, like Corner Bakery, has a half and half for lunch.  You can do 1/2 sandwich with a small soup, 1/2 sandwich with a 1/2 salad, or 1/2 salad with small soup.  Apparently, certain sandwich may ask for an up charge, so ask the counter before hand.

I would say for a fast joint, they have some quality people that works there.  I had my baby with me, fiddling with things, keeping the baby entertained.  All this going on, the lady behind the counter was super patient.  She helped me to my table and helped with getting water, since she saw how clumsy I was.  And she didn't have to do that, but she did anyway.  So, I'll come back just because they went above and beyond.

Panera Bread
3151 Holcomb Suite A
Houston, TX

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