Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Since I'm making up for lost time, we went for quick sushi at Osaka.
 For some nigiri: I had chopped scallops, smoked salmon, and tuna... those are my stables.
 Since we're sharing with others, we had 2 spicy tuna rolls and a Philadelphia roll... for you purists, don't worry, I didn't have the Philly roll, just because I don't care for creme cheese on anything other than my bagel.
For more sharing, we have here 2 spicy salmon rolls (on the outers) and the Hamachi/Masago Roll in the middle.  As described, it has Hamachi (yellowtail) and Masago (capelin fish) with green scallion.  Not bad, I think that'll be part of my repertoire going forward.

The thing about Osaka is that the chefs are fast and the service is always quick.  When you sit down and order, they give you a complimentary appetizer.  When you're ready to pay for your tab they'll offer you a scoop of ice cream with fried banana, it's nice.  Which almost made it justifiable to pay $6.95 for 2 pieces of nigiri of average grade.  Comparatively, Kata charges $5 for 2 pieces of same if not better quality sushi... hmm.

Osaka (Bellaire)
4001 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77025

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