Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tiny's No.5

Met up with a friend for lunch during the week, since we don't get to do that often, we also picked a place she'd never been.
While I've been here numerous times, I never come here during the week in the middle of the day.  I usually come here for brunch... not a proper lunch.
I had the passion fruit Arnold Palmer, it's quite tasty.  You don't really taste the tea at all.
This is the Frenchman, which has beef, pesto sauce, goat cheese and sliced tomato inside and I got a side of sweet potato fries to go with it.  The sandwich is super nice, the bread is made in house, and you can tell the difference.  The pesto enhances the meat and made the bread taste super delicious.  I would say if we don't have the filling just the bread and pesto, they can get away with it.  Definitely worth trying.

Even though Tiny's No.5 is hidden in the middle of the neighborhood, people knows about it and does make the trek to come out there.  So during lunch time, don't be surprise you can't find a parking spot or a table.  Luckily, people do rotate through quickly, and that's not a problem, but you have been warned!  Unfortunately, they do not have the shuttle service during lunch time.  But for evening, if you walk here and want a ride back, they do have a golf cart that drive you back.  Or you can check out one of their bikes and return it the next day.

Tiny's No.5
3636 Rice Blvd
Houston, TX

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