Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cloud 10 Creamery

Thank goodness to my friend Angie for telling me about Cloud 10 soft opening.
 Sure enough, on Facebook, they were announcing hours to the soft opening!  Wohoo!
 You can see Chris Leung is on hand to scoop ice cream to customers.
 They are showcasing their Fall flavors instead of the Summer's favors.  Some of them are: Gingersnap, Lemon sorbet, Toasted Rice, Nutella Marshmallow, Mango Sorbet, PB&J, Poached Pear Sorbet, Maple bacon, Cafe Su Da... just to name a few.
 Chris was on hand to train the staff and help scoop ice cream, and serve them too.  He was way nice, and when we asked him about the soft opening.  He was definitely flattered and honored that friends and family and fans all came out in drones to support the shop.  His staff were great and are super friendly too.  
So, what did I get?!  I got the Poached Pear Sorbet and Nutella Marshmallow.  I know naturally they don't mix well, but they both tasted good, so there you go.  This is the small size and they can fit 2 scoops and let you do different flavors.  It was $3.45 for 2 scoops.  They also have medium and large of course.  They also have milkshake, adult milkshake, bottled soda, bottled floats, banana splits... just to get you started.

On a Sunday night, parking is easy to find, that makes standing outside pleasant.  We got there in time while most people are having dinner at Torchy's or Coppa's, so our line was inside.  By the time we got thru the line, the line was out the door and different blogger from different publications are all present for a taste.

Cloud 10 Creamery
5216 Morningside
Houston, TX 77005

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