Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Da Marco Cucina e Vino

So my friends been meaning to check out Da Marco's and invited a few of us to join her.
Funny thing was that I used to live in that neighborhood and never manage to stop in there.  I mean, I literally drink down the street all the time, yet never manage to stop in.
 Once we sat down, they gave us an amuse bouche.  It's like a bruschetta, but it's really feta cheese, basil leaves, marinara sauce, bread and olive oil on top.  The bread, sadly was not toasted... so I guess not really a real bruschetta.
 They were showcasing their Sea Urchin for catch of the day.  Which cost $24, and underneath it is a bed of salad which lettuce, cabbage, and apple.  Sadly, the uni was a bit fishy, and the salad frankly tasted better.
 For the main course, I asked them to make a Primi into an Entree size dish.  This is the corn ravioli with lobster.  Since they have a gluten free pasta, I thought this was corn made ravioli, but instead, it's ravioli with corn inside it.  Less impressive.  The sauce is good, but would've love for it to be a tad heavier.  Definitely love the generous lobsters on the dish.
 Here's their dessert menu.
This is the Caramel Pistachio Rotolo.  Rotolo is really a rolled cream cake, which is what's at the bottom.  On top is the pistachio gelato, you can really see and tasted the pistachio.  Definitely worth coming here for it.

This space is small, so reservations is advised.  The place is full of old money, and the patrons showed it.  This is definitely a valet type of place, so bring some change.

Da Marco
1520 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 

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