Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Asahi Sushi

So I happen to drive by, and saw this place at the end of a strip center.
I ordered during lunch and they gave a complimentary salad and miso soup.  The ginger dressing is just like wherever you go to get the salad.  The miso soup is just fine.
They also have crab meat balls... pretty good, also complimentary.
I ordered the Unaju and it was not bad.  Better than I had expected.  I could use more sauce on this.  The dish presents nicely and I will go back for other dishes.  They are running all the specials all week long.  And service is good, the staff is tentative and friendly.  The only thing is that this place is at the very end of the shopping center and you really won't see it unless you are going to the stadium.  I do worry that they won't last long since they are not easily get to.

Asahi Sushi
8236 Kirby Dr
Houston, TX 77054

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