Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chama Gaucha

Another work function took us to Chama Gaucha.
Everyone got a little card so the servers know if you are hungry or not.  The other side, in case you're curious is red and that's how they know.  Green or Red.
They have a very generous salad bar.  They not only have cold cut, veggies, fancy cheese, potato salad, tuna salad.  They also have soup, rice, and beans too.
Not very good photo, but they move so quickly, I tried to catch what I can.  They do bring you the meat, and you get to ask what cut and how it's cooked for you.
I have pork ribs, filet mignon, garlic chicken, churizo sausage, lamb chop and more pork, more beef, and more chicken...
They also give you all sorts of sides.  This is fried yucca, they have plantain, rice, and mashed potato
They also have great desserts.  Their most popular is the papaya pudding with black current liquor.  This time I was the rebel and got the creme brulee instead.  Yeah, that's huge, but luckily the bowl is not very deep, so it's not as much as you see here.  That said, I only had about half of a bowl.  Definitely good enough to share.  They also have a huge slice of chocolate cake, should you need your chocolate fix.

The nice thing about Chama is that you get the service of Fogo de Chao, but not the price tag.  You don't feel up tight eating here and you get good food.  I will say, the couple times I've been here, both times are with a big group.  That said, their normal dining room is packed during dinner time, and so is their bar, so definitely feel free to come and hang out after work.

Chama Guacha
5865 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 

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