Friday, March 1, 2013

Maison Burdisso

The only way to get macarons from Maison Burdisso is on Tuesdays at Rice Farmers Market, and Saturdays at Eastside Farmers Market.
For Valentine's day, Maison Burdisso made some special macarons...
Look, look!  Heart shaped mac!  We have here, chocolate, pistachio, red velvet, and vanilla bean!
Look at how smooth the cookie turned out.  No seam whatsoever.  Nice and smooth!
You see how the feet came out, not as nice as a normal mac, but still came out nicely.
Bite into it, the shells are soft and chewy.

Now that there's more macarons places around town, macarons is easier to find than ever, they really need to make something to stand out.  Maison Burdisso actually has been around for a while, they used to sell their macs at Kuhl-Linscomb, but not sure if they still carry it or not.

They are much more expensive than anywhere in town.  They charge $3 per cookie, Petit Sweet charges $1.75 each, Macaron by Patisse charges $2.25 each, and Sweet charges $2 each.  So by comparison they do charge higher.  That said, they are proud of their tradition passed down 3 generations.  Try one and see for yourself.

Maison Burdisso

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Anonymous said...

hi love your pictorial however I eat Maison Burdisso's all the time and they are 2.00 each the hearts were 3.00 when I bought them on Valentines day.Just thought I would correct this misunderstanding!!!