Tuesday, March 19, 2013


You know, literally, I have not been to Chili's for over 2 years.  We used to go there weekly almost.  And with all the food options available in Houston, there are no real reason to go there.
Nonetheless, we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere East Texas, and the only thing that is familiar and available was Chili's, so I guess we'll roll with the punches.

This is a 6oz Classic Sirloin, it came with cheddar mashed potato topped with bacon and broccoli and toast.  The broccoli was over peppered, the cheddar mashed potato was pretty good, but it also fills you up.  The steak was decent, just that I can't finish 6oz.  

I had forgotten about their Strawberry Lemonade, and their queso.  Those are yummy just didn't get a chance this round.  Aside from those vices, I don't recall what I order there or like there anymore since I haven't been there for so long.  

Truly, in Houston we have great choices everywhere, only in East Texas that this will show up as gourmet.  Go figure.

7099 Hwy 30
Greenville, TX

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